Family Owned and Operated in Killeen, Texas for over 44 years

In 1973, Oliver Kilpatrick started Quality Heating & Air with one truck out of the shed in the back yard. He believed in building relationships with his customers, and has known most of our customers still with us today for over 30 to 40 years. Oliver, Frances, his wife, Jerry and James, his sons, has run the business since 1973. Most knew Francis as the sweet little lady that answered the phone, she retired out of the company when she was in her eighties. She would have stayed working if she could have but due to medical reasons she had to retire. Jerry has continued to build the relationships with his customers as his father did. Customers have also known Jerry and Judy Kilpatrick, his wife, for serveral years for being very involved with Special Olympics. Judy left the family business to pursue her career as area director of Special Olympics. She is now retired both both careers. James Kilpatrick is now pursing his career at Gemaire Distributors.

Jerry, owner today of Quality Heating & Air conditioning, and his son, Johnny Kilpatrick has been in the business with Jerry and Oliver since he graduated from Ellison High School. His daughter Jennifer, currently works at managing the business with him. Three generations of Kilpatrick's have owned and operated the business since its opening in 1973. Hopefully the fourth generation will be able to take over after us. We have five generations in the Killeen area, and we believe in our community, honesty, and quality services.

Jerry Kilpatrick

Our customers are the most important part of our business, and we welcome you to our business like family would. We try to offer our best cost value, and our best service we can provide, we are proud to be apart of Central Texas. Not only do we have family history here, we have vendors that we have know and worked with all of these years to help bring you the best line of equipment, along with cost effective. Here at Quality Heating and Air Conditioning we have believed in the old fashion ways but know technology is the future. We are now building a website, we are on facebook, twitter, and other social media. We would enjoy it if would stop by our office for a cup of coffee, or join us on one of our social media sites to keep up with our business, and to let you know our special, or just the lastest news. We want to say Thank You for being apart of our business!!

Oliver Kilpatrick