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HVAC Installation & Repair Services In Killeen, TX

Preventative Maintenance
Did you know that 46% of a home's electric bills are related to the heating and air conditioning system? A semi-annual preventative maintenance program keeps your system functioning efficiently, which means lower electrical bill and money in your pocket. It also helps identify problems before they happen, leaving you comfortable during those miserable hot summers. We send out our customers reminders for spring and fall check with a postcard, or you can sign up today.
Minor to Major Repairs
In a Central Texas lighting storm you know you can lose power, but did you know it could trip a breaker or even ground out your compressor? Quality Heating and Air is the one to call for all your from a tripped breaker, replacing your compressor, or even replacing your condensing unit. Sooner or later, something will wear out and need repair, we will be there to help your home and business comfortable.
Air Conditioning - HVAC Contractors in Killeen, TX
Technician Checking Air Condition - HVAC Contractors in Killeen, TX
Air Condition - HVAC Contractors in Killeen, TX
Installation and System Replacement
Do you know what a SEER rating is? It is the Energy Efficiency rating that is given to your heating and air conditioning system by the government at the time of production. Advancements in refrigeration have drastically changed the efficiency of HVAC Systems. Ten to fifteen years ago, an 8 SEER rating was pretty typical. Now the lowest SEER rating manufactured is a 14, and many homes are being equipped with a 16 SEER HVAC systems. Check out our RHEEM HVAC Systems.
Older HVAC systems use Freon 22 as a refrigerant, but it is an ozone depleting substance, the EPA will take Freon 22 completely off of the market. Consequently Freon 22 has skyrocketed in pricing. The best way to ensure our environment is safe, as well as to save yourself from escalating prices is to go ahead and replace your Freon 22 units to the more energy efficient units. Call us today or click on free estimates to have us give you a proposal.
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1. How much is the service call?
A $50.00 Diagnostic Fee will cover the technician going to the home and diagnosing the problem. After the diagnostic the technical will tell you how much it will cost to repair. If you go with the repairs the diagnostic will be waived. If you do not want the repairs done then all you would owe is the $50.00

2. How much does it cost to replace my whole system?
Every home is different, and presents its own set of unique issues. The size of the home, the dimensions of the closet the furnace is in, Is the furnace in the attic, electric or gas heat, condensation pump or gravity drain, low or high efficiency. The only proper way to answer this question is for us to come out to the home to perform a free estimate on replacement of your unit.

3. How often do I need to replace my filter?
We recommend your filter to be changed on a monthly basis. Filters are a cost effective way to keep your unit running efficiently. If filters are dirty they can cause coils to accumulate dirt. Pulling and cleaning a coil is an expensive repair. Dirty filters may also cause water leaks in your system causing water damage to your home. There are several scenarios that may cause your unit to break down due to a dirty filter.

4. How much is Freon?
The R-22 needs to be changed to $75.00 and the sentence after that need to be changed to “and expected to keep rising every year” the price for R-410 needs to be changed to $35.00